National Relaxation Day 2019

Relaxation Day

Slow down… breath, and relax. Relaxation Day is about winding lower and merely relaxing. If you are lucky enough to get possess the break work, have a quiet morning watching television in the sofa, and possibly consider some light gardening within the mid-day – all within the spirit of relaxing!

National Men's Grooming Day 2019

Men's Grooming Day

There’s lots of stigma around male grooming. However in modern society it’s not acceptable to become scruffy, smelly and ungroomed. So get caught up, males! Men’s Grooming Day encourages males everywhere to purchase and employ grooming items, and also to proactively manage their apperance. Salons, hair stylists and sweetness parlours frequently cater especially to males about this day with offers, education and special consideration.

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