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National Cornchip Day 2023

Reason to celebrate: January 29, 2023 is National Cornchip Day.

Cornchip Day

Corn chips really are a desserts produced by baking or baking cornmeal into bite-sized pieces, offered inside a bag and eaten either alone or having a dip. Though it’s roots are unclear, Corn Nick Day remembers this popular snack and also the many different ways of taking pleasure in it.The foundation of corn chips goes back to 1932. The storyline goes that C.E. “Elmer” Doolin purchased a bag of fried corn chips and loved them a lot he pawned his mother’s wedding band (together with her permission, one assumes…) to buy the maker and also the recipe. He began selling them from his vehicle and today the organization he founded may be the biggest manufacturer of corn chips in the united states.To celebrate Corn Nick Day, why don't you consume a bag of corn chips with a few dips, for example salsa or guacamole, or perhaps with cheese? It’s a perfect desserts.

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January 29, 2023 is also Curmudgeons Day, Puzzle Day

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