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National False Teeth Day 2024

Reason to celebrate: March 9, 2024 is National False Teeth Day.

False Teeth Day

Most probably begun by cynical and canny dental practitioners around the search for added work, False Teeth Day remembers the alternative teeth that will never allow you to lower, even when your real teeth have!The very first society recognized to make veneers really are a pre-Roman Italian people known as the Etruscans. They used real teeth, whether human or animal, on the gold band and fitted on them the wearer’s original teeth. Using real teeth, frequently obtained from individuals wiped out in fight, was in order to of creating veneers until science permitted artificial teeth to make from materials for example plastic – an infinitely more civilised method.For many dentures users, their alternative teeth permit them to still consume normally. However, the smoothness Jaws, in the Mission Impossible films, had metal dentures that could bite through anything – an art he accustomed to great effect!

Monday March 9, 2015
Monday March 9, 2015

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March 9, 2024 is also Barbie Day, Panic Day, Get Over It Day, Check Your Batteries Day