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National International Scrapbooking Industry Day 2022

Reason to celebrate: March 4, 2022 is National International Scrapbooking Industry Day.

International Scrapbooking Industry Day

Famous around the globe, International Scrapbooking Industry Day is the day when fans of memories, paper, photos and adhesive mixed to celebrate this greatly well-liked interest.

Scrapbooking is about maintaining memories whether they're in paper, image or letter style, or even products such as pressed flowers from your first day, ribbons from chocolates on Valentine's Day or even an airline ticket from your first vacation wth the women, men or without your parents, and even with the children. All that's required is some glue, a decorated publication or cd, and some time to take a seat and begin sticking! Some communities and cities also have their very own Scrapbooking Clubs where like-minded distributor meet to talk, junk, and hold fairs where you could pick your next scrapbook design, see the most recent trends in scrapbooking, and try new gadgets.

Wednesday March 4, 2015
Wednesday March 4, 2015

... March Forth and Do Something Day; National Grammar Day; National Poundcake Day; National Snack Day; Toy Soldier Day; World Math Day; International Scrapbooking Industry day; On This Day; 1634 --- Samuel Cole supposedly opened the first tavern ...

March 4, 2022 is also Poundcake Day, Unique Names Day, Pancake Day, Grammar Day

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