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National Joy Germ Day 2024

Reason to celebrate: January 8, 2024 is National Joy Germ Day.

Joy Germ Day

Rarely will the word ‘germ’ mean anything remotely positive. The seem from the word makes onto your nose relax in disgust – you actually shouldn't be catching any bacteria! You recoil in horror as the friend states “Don’t come too close There is a chilly.Inches.There's one kind of germ which you may 't be too concerned about catching, however: A Pleasure Germ!A Pleasure Germ is a touch germ of pleasure that's spread by smiling at people, making people laugh, and usually distributing happiness wherever you go. Make a day where everybody is smiling, laughing and distributing happiness – that’s Joy Germ Day!It’s super easy to sign up. The initial step would be to park your cynicism in your own home. The 2nd step would be to venture out in to the world. The 3rd step can be you – just have the pleasure, and spread it around!

April 10 Is Nirvana Day
April 10 Is Nirvana Day

(Newser) – Nirvana fans now have two choices of pilgrimage for April 10: They can trek to Cleveland to see surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic as the band gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Or they can head to little ...

January 8, 2024 is also Bubble Bath Day, Argyle Day