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National Polar Bear Swim Day 2023

Reason to celebrate: January 1, 2023 is National Polar Bear Swim Day.

Polar Bear Swim Day

Make the leap just like a polar bear on Polar Bear Swim Day, hurling yourself into wintry waters for any chilly dip one of the ice and snow. Does that seem like fun? Whether it’s for charitable organisation, for any challenge or just to test different things and memorable, 1000's of individuals worldwide decide to try water in the winter months. Polar bear swims usually occur within the ocean, however the venue could also be a lake or perhaps an outside pool.New Year’s Day is frequently the selected date for any polar bear go swimming, possibly because next, anything 2012 throws to you will appear easy. Some swimming clubs run regular winter periods.Remember, people do not have the body fat and fur that safeguard polar bears in the Arctic cold. Go into the water gradually so it’s little of the shock, have dry clothes ready and warm-up later on with something to consume along with a hot drink.

Happy Polar Bear Swim Day: Why Do People Take The New Year Plunge In Winter?
Happy Polar Bear Swim Day: Why Do People Take The New Year Plunge In Winter?

Happy Polar Bear Swim day! If you weren't aware, New Year's Day, or January 1, is the day when many people worldwide plunge in freezing cold water for a traditional winter swim. It's a celebratory practice associated with the New Year holiday, but why ...

January 1, 2023 is also Commitment Day, Z Day, Bloody Mary Day

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