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National Save The Elephant Day 2022

Reason to celebrate: April 16, 2022 is National Save The Elephant Day.

Save The Elephant Day

They could be wildlife symbols, but, sadly, tigers have been in crisis. Save The Elephant Day is an opportunity to show our love and support of these much-loved titans and lift understanding of the risks for their future both in Africa and Asia, varying from ivory poachers and traffickers to lack of habitat.Also called World Elephant Day, the occasion began through the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, located in Thailand, working with Canadian film-maker Patricia Sim cards. The launch of the worldwide initiative this year saw the discharge from the documentary film ‘Return towards the Forest’, read by Star Wars legend William Shatner.An effective way to mark your day would be to donate to some charitable organisation helping tigers or organise a celebration in help of these beautiful but threatened monsters. You might watch a wildlife film about tigers or sign a petition to boost awareness.

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