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National Snowman Burning Day 2023

Reason to celebrate: March 20, 2023 is National Snowman Burning Day.

Snowman Burning Day

Snowman Burning Day marks a general change in seasons, and also the transition from winter into spring. This can be a traditional celebration by American and Swiss people to mark an finish to winter.Why don't you celebrate by creating a (flammable) snowman, and welcoming buddies to talk about within the fun? Some occasions involve elaborate spectacles, up to overflowing snowmen!

Which days get the most fake holidays?
Which days get the most fake holidays?

But Tuesday was Area Code Day and Thursday will be Fancy Rat and Mouse Day (whatever that means). Nov. 11 is also Origami Day in Japan, a date chosen to commemorate the end of World War I. Various groups have claimed each of the 365 days of the ...

University's Tradition Of Burning A Snowman Is The Best Way To Celebrate ...
University's Tradition Of Burning A Snowman Is The Best Way To Celebrate ...

It's not spring until someone burns a snowman -- at least at Lake Superior State University. The Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. school celebrates the beginning of the season each year by burning a large paper snowman, a tradition started in 1971. On Friday ...

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