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National Western Monarch Day 2023

Reason to celebrate: February 5, 2023 is National Western Monarch Day.

Western Monarch Day

For Western Monarch Day, we’re not honoring Full Elizabeth and buddies, however the annual migratory return from the Western Monarch butterfly towards the central Californian coast. The Western Monarch includes a beautiful, distinctive pattern of amber and black on its wings, creating almost a stained glass window effect. It lives towards the west from the Rocky Mountain Range and fly south to California to outlive the wintertime.The species is thought to stay in decline, so individuals living across the migratory route, can celebrate Western Monarch Day by making certain you will find lots of flowering plants, especially milkweed within their yards to cause them to become visit.Western Monarch Day is well known in California with occasions centering around Pismo Condition Beach, where most of the seeing stars spend their winter several weeks. Site visitors can observe the seeing stars, find out more about them which help to plant plant life to assist create safe habitats.

Monarch butterfly population in decline
Monarch butterfly population in decline

Richard James of the El Dorado Park Nature Center searches for clusters of monarch butterflies in the center's eucalyptus grove on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. JOSH MORGAN, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER ...

Photos: Monarch butterfly event in Fountain Valley
Photos: Monarch butterfly event in Fountain Valley

Nature enthusiasts learned all about Monarch butterflies during the interactive California Western Monarch Day on Sunday afternoon at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. The free event featured interpretive talks and displays about the life cycle ...

February 5, 2023 is also Chocolate Fondue Day, Weatherman's Day, World Nutella Day, Digital Learning Day

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