National Marzipan Day 2021

Marzipan Day

Like it or hate it, marzipan plays a large role throughout the festive period. Odds are you have a good bit remaining (including toppings of Christmas cakes and goodies), and you’ll need something related to it. Marzipan Day is about exploring this sweet, yellow-colored paste of ground walnuts, sugar, and egg whites as an component and becoming creative. See what you could make!

National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2021

Clean Off Your Desk Day

Clean Off The Office Day heralds the start of some serious cleaning. Do you want everything junk, old documents and mess in your desk? When the answer’s no, go ahead and take chance to perform a little tidying!

National Pharmacist Day 2021

Pharmacist Day

Pharmacist Day implores us to take the time to think about everyone who act as pharmacy technician. They merely see us when we’re sick having a cold, cough, measles and have a hangover… or when we’ve exhaust tooth paste. These poor folks allow us to to feel good, and just ever see us at our worst. Take the time to go to a pharmacy having a smile in your face along with a healthy bounce for your step – we’re sure you’ll surprise them!

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