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National Buzzards Day 2024

Reason to celebrate: March 15, 2024 is National Buzzards Day.

Buzzards Day

The annual celebration of the bird whose circling overhead would be a signal towards the cowboys of old that the once living creature had met its demise appears strange as you would expect. Yet, Buzzard Day is circled around the calendars of numerous devoted Ohio citizens who, annually, eagerly scan the skies with field glasses watching because of its return. On their behalf this elegant, winged creature using its bald mind and red-colored beak signals, not dying, but rebirth.The mid-March buzzard celebration is brought by an ‘Official Buzzard Spotter’ around the Hinckley Reservation within the Cleveland Metroparks. A lot of fanatics converge on Buzzard Roost around 6:30am awaiting the bird’s return. Individuals to whom this really is past the cod can continue to have fun playing the wondrous festivities by attending Buzzard Sunday for festive family fun that remembers the return of the flying precursor to spring.

Buzzards are returning to Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Buzzards are returning to Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Turkey vultures aren't the first of spring's migrant birds to return from wintering in parts south, but they're certainly among the most dramatic. The park's annual Welcome Back Buzzards day is Saturday, March 22. Arrive early if you want to see the ...

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