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National Celebration Of Life Month 2024

Reason to celebrate: January 2024 is National Celebration Of Life Month.

Celebration Of Life Month

The rest of the several weeks celebrate an element of existence that one remembers existence itself. It’s a biggie.Why possess a special month? Because, among all of the commotion in our everyday existence, there's an unfortunate inclination to forget we’re alive. Within the failing to remember, we risk permitting existence to pass through us by without ever really realizing – that is a pity if we glance around we'll find much to celebrate.So let Celebration Of Life Month be the beginning of a determined effort to take full advantage of exactly what you come accross, whether it’s savouring a hug from a family member, or basically appreciating the play of sunshine in puddles at work vehicle-park. As Dryden stated:“Happy the guy, and happy he alone, He who are able to call now their own: He who, secure within, know, Tomorrow do thy worst, for I've resided today.”

AMC's Bring Your Baby Matinees partner with Will Rogers Institute
AMC's Bring Your Baby Matinees partner with Will Rogers Institute

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